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New Homes are for Better Living

VerdeLand Homes is family-owned and operated.  Our company serves to provide custom-built homes that are affordable for families that work hard and wish to live comfortably.   We find in many communities there are old homes which can be beyond repair.  Rehabilitating some of these depreciated homes would simply cost too much.  The value of a New Home on the block raises the pride of homeownership.  There is stability in their values. 
   People live better, comfortably, more efficiently.  Technology has improved the standard of living.  Safer homes with quick fire and carbon-monoxide detection and fire containment preventing flame spread. Larger windows for escape in fire emergency. Stronger construction utilizing engineered lumber, hurricane ties, floor to floor strapping or bracing, and hold-down connectors for windstorm uplift forces.  Higher insulative values for heat retention and cooling comfort from Argon-filled, double pane glass to modern high efficiency boilers, water heaters, and central air conditioning to Energy-Star appliances to high pressure low-water consumption toilets, all working together to keep energy consumption and utility bills to minimal levels.
   VerdeLand Homes takes part in continually advancing education and by contributing to our share of the the Green Building practices.  By combining Old World techniques with the contemporary design and modern green production – New Homes are environmentally friendly – New Homes are safer, healthier, more efficient, and stronger – New Homes are appealing, stylish, and fresh – New Homes are an affordable investment for your family’s future – New Homes are here today at VerdeLand Homes.

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